Things are hard for buyers in the market right now, and here’s why.

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The Charlotte Real Estate market is the most active I’ve seen – ever. Yes, it is crazy.

This IS NOT a 2008-2009 bubble, either – loan standards are high. This is true buyer demand, caused by buyers, investors, and refinancing, and less than one month inventory of homes.

As of today, there were 3,522 active homes for sale in the MLS, and 4,481 homes were sold last month. That’s scary.  Builders cannot keep up with present demand.

I just helped a buyer secure a 3.9% 30-year investment loan (lucky guy) for a rental property, too. Keep it in perspective, interest rates were 18% in the 1980s!

If you are thinking of selling your Charlotte area home this summer, I can almost guarantee that you will likely get the highest price ever for your home. Just these past 6 months in Mecklenburg County we’ve seen sales prices rise as much as 26% over asking price!! And Feb through Feb prices increased 10.4% year over year. 

With the recent shortage of homes, I know of several homebuyers willing to pay “whatever it takes” to get into a bigger home in a desirable location since so many people are working from home now. Thanks to my successful 10-Day Selling System, I will get you Top Market Value, if you list with me.

My phone rings off the hook now. I may be able to arrange an off-market sale so you can skip the strangers walking through your home while still getting full market value - at your list price.

The #1 concern I’m hearing from my clients, however, is “Where will I move if I sell now?”

I have the exact solution for this very problem – few people know about it.

I have a lender who can likely get you a very attractive set up:

For a few thousand dollars of interest (well spent), you can get cash upfront to buy your next home – without selling your current home first. Yep, it’s possible to sell your house after buying a new one, now.

This way you can make a “cash offer” to beat out other buyers and skip the hassle of timing your closing dates. 

You simply move into your new home and then we sell your home – it’s what the rich people do, now it’s possible for you too.

This is how smart sellers are buying their next home in this hot market. 

You get the certainty of buying the new home you want first and then selling your old one.

Stay in touch. Things are looking up after a crazy past year.

Please call me at 704-576-8080 or email me at and let me know if you’re thinking of buying or selling now.