Here’s how to make sure your pictures show off your home effectively.

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Many buyers go online to check out home listings, which is why professional-quality photography is so important. You want to make a great first impression through your pictures, so there are a few things you should do to ensure your photos make the property look its best. Here are the primary do’s and don’ts to consider.


You can always hire a professional real estate photographer to capture the pictures for you, or you can simply do it yourself. If you choose to do it on your own, you need good photography equipment in order to get the “wow” factor you’re looking for. Avoid using your cell phone; instead, get a professional camera with a tripod. You should also use a wide-angle lens, as this can help you capture the entire room in one picture. You can also use lighting to ensure no areas are too bright or too dark. A diffuser is helpful, as this makes the light spread through the room evenly.


"People tend to click on the first five pictures, and then the click rate goes down dramatically, so make your first few really shine."

Some people use a drone to take aerial photography, but I don’t recommend it. How often will someone see their home from the sky? It’s not something that people really consider when purchasing a property—they want to know what it’s like to be inside, on the porch, or in the driveway. So, while drone shots are impressive, they’re unnecessary. 


When taking pictures, make sure to use diagonal angles that show off the entire room. If you take a picture from the middle of the room, you’ll cause buyers to experience tunnel vision. Don’t include pictures of half-bathrooms either, as it’s nearly impossible to get good photos in these cramped spaces.


Finally, avoid uploading more than 20 to 25 pictures. You can take a lot, and then sort through them later, but make sure not to overwhelm buyers with hundreds of photos. People tend to click on the first five pictures and then the click rate goes down dramatically, so make your first few really shine.


If you have any questions about photography or would like more information about real estate, feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.